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        SIA Faculty and Students Welcoming the New Semester!

        date: 2019-09-05author:

        At the wonderful times of autumn, dreamers packed up their luggage, setting out for a brand-new journey!


        New schoolbag on my back, I love this school!

        Accompanied by mommy and daddy, kids walked into this beautiful campus. With the hand-made campus map in hands, parents get to know the layout very fast.



        On the welcoming day, SIA Primary Division witnessed a batch of new faces. Pupils from Grade 1 wore tight and neat walked on the red carpet directing into the auditorium, embarking on a whole new journey to their road of academic pursuit.


        Junior High Division

        To exhibit the cultural atmosphere and extend students’ academic viewpoint, Junior High Division has hosted an exhibition for summer-holiday inventions, from network phenomenon to domestic comics, from cultural publicity to mental health... pupils have presented their social study, scientific works and posts.


        Mr. You, SIA Principal, has proposed his expectations to the new semester: ones mind is the mental land, do not be a self-centered, hypocritical, and confident-lacking weed, instead you should build your home and your land for prosperity and harvest. In this new semester, lets set off together and face the challenge to send a wonderful gift to the 70th Anniversary of out motherland and the 5th Anniversary of our school!