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        International Division

        In the international education program, one of the important skills for students to master is their English language competence. The quality of the language program will be monitored by the expert groups of Beijing Foreign Studies University. In addition to solid English courses, students also need to learn A- Level courses designed and assessed by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). The curriculum of the International Division is taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers, and is guided by experienced educational experts.

        Students will receive high-quality education on a delicately constructed campus. We aim to cultivate students in all aspects of academic, physical, emotional and social aspects through the philosophy of whole-person education. We hope to develop open-minded, knowledgeable, critical thinking students who can display themselves in different ways, to participate in the global competition and collaboration with comprehensive knowledge and skills. We have been ready for students to go to overseas universities and meet global challenges on the land of Suzhou Bay.