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        Junior High Division

        Based on the concept of modern education, the essence of education concentration, we widely promote the student-centered class, and create courses with diversity activities. We put forth effort to set a new standard in Yangtze River Delta region, to shape a magnificent model of Chines education for all-round development. Junior high school department will depend on the formidable teachers’ resources, the elegant cultural environment, the delicacy management, the abundant creative courses, to provide the students with growth platforms where they can balance between the fundamentals and capabilities, freedom and rules, personality exploration and cooperative inquiry. We focus on cultivating every student’s abilities, such as the consciousness of independent leader, excellent leadership, the efficient execution, and active innovation. Let every student live happily and study efficiently, be grateful and full of happiness. To shape them to be the excellent international citizens who have both national roots and international visions. Help them to be lifelong learners and future creators of individual traits.